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The Havanese hails from Cuba and is the national dog of the country. It’s a Bichon breed. The dog is small and sturdy and has ears that fold and drop. Havanese dogs are curious and full of spirit. The dogs have a springy gait which differentiates it from other breeds. They make ideal house pets and companions but they do not do well in environments where they’re left alone for several hours each day. They’re also very loyal and tend to follow their owners around closely. They love attention and showing off and will rarely bark at strangers.

Despite the fact that the dogs are a toy breed, they’re surprisingly sturdy. The dogs weight from 10 to 16 pounds and stand between 8.5 and 11.5 inches at the withers. The dogs are slightly longer than they are tall. They have a rounded back skull that’s flat on top. Their muzzle tapers at the nose but does not appear short. Havanese dogs have dark brown eyes.

The dogs require minimally vigorous exercise. Most of their exercise needs can be taken care of indoors or in a small yard. However, they love the outdoors, so it’s important to let them roam outside occasionally. Despite their love of the outdoors, the dogs prefer to spend most of their time indoors around their owners.

Coat and Color

This small dog breed comes in many coat colors, including: cream, white, chocolate brown, gold, silver, black, blue, and beige. The coats may be one solid color have marking of several colors. While there’s variation in coat color, all of the dogs except for those with chocolate brown coats should have black pigment around their eyes and a black nose. Chocolate brown dogs may have dark brown pigment on their noses.

The dogs are intelligent and can be trained early on or later in life. However, the earlier the better. The dogs might be difficult to housebreak but they can be trained to use a litter box.

The Havanese is hypoallergenic. While they don’t shed, their hair grows quickly and needs periodic grooming. The dogs should be brushed regularly to minimize hair tangling.

The dogs have a long and silky coat that’s slightly wavy. Despite having a thick coat, the dogs originated out of the tropics and can become cold quickly. Therefore, it’s important to keep their coats longer during the winter.

Height 8.5-11.5" at the withers
Weight 10-16 lbs
Life Span 14-16 years
Temperament Curious, full of spirit
Hypoallergenic Yes
The Havanese is a healthy breed that typically lives 14 to 16 years. The most common ailments include liver disease, cataracts, heart disease, luxating patellas, and retinal dysplasia.

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